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Why is an online service which connects sellers and buyers!
How it works!
Most people have items in their house or store that they accumulated throughout the years. We would like to sell these items but assembling a garage sell once or twice a year can prove difficult and challenging at times with little reward. Posting an ad on current online services only allow you to post for a maximum number of days or charges a fee for your posting. This can prove time consuming or costly for ordinary household items. can assist you in your effort of selling or searching for hard to find items! Just post all your household items that you would like to sell. Sooner or later, someone will need that item and search A match will connect the Seller and Buyer!'s strenght is in it's unique approach in connecting Sellers and Buyers! We incorpate the use of the UPC code, non-expiring postings, instant notifcaion, neighbor searches, multiple category ad placements and other features that current online services currently do not provide.

Place your ad today and start connecting with other Sellers and Buyers!